Local Parent Network Greets Hurricane Season

June 1st marks the beginning of hurricane season and for the creators of the Local Parent Network that’s a pretty big deal–we’re both New Orleans natives. Most of the Local Parent sites are located in coastal cities as well, so this time of year looms large. Here are some of the posts published by our […]


Managing Advertiser Commitments

In the beginning it should be easy to keep up with your advertising commitments. You won’t have very many and they may select one of your smaller packages so it’s pretty easy to keep up with. Pretty soon, however, you’ll realize that each advertiser needs a little something different and keeping up with it all […]


Editing Pictures in PicMonkey

    This is the PicMonkey home screen. Click first on “edit” and select “computer.”   After your photo is opened up, you need to click on the butterfly to open up overlays. You then select a category of overlay. Geometric, banners, and ribbons are all good choices for this.   In this case I […]


Anatomy of a Local Parent Blog Post

Images. Your images should span the entire width of the blog section of your page. 600 pixels is a good width. You should also lead with a picture–people start scrolling when they see a picture which keeps them on the page and engaged. Pinnable Image. Your lead photo should have a graphic as well if […]


Events with Local Parent Network

In addition to helping local businesses connect to their communities through social media, Local Parent Network also hosts live events that connect small businesses with our readers. Nothing makes a great impression than an in-person introduction and at our events you have that opportunity.