The Local Parent Network is a franchise of hyper-local parenting web sites dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of parents in their area. Each site works on live events to bring parents together and also to connect small businesses with their audience.

Each site is independently run and operated by each owner.

Here is a listing of cities that currently have Network sites.


Local Parent Network Team:

Katy Monnot 

Katy Monnot Northshore Parent Katy rules the universe while simultaneously cleaning pee off her kitchen floor. In her spare time she runs Northshore Parent,connects local businesses with their target audience, mentors new bloggers, and indulges in the occasional bowl of queso dip. Who are we kidding? She eats queso all the time. She’s worked with brands like Splenda, Macy’s, MnM’s, and Vick’s. She’s written for both print and the web. She’s provided consulting for non-profits, for-profits, mom and pops, and everything in between. Still not impressed? Follow her on social media to find out more.


Cara Jouglard

Cara Jouglard Jefferson Parish Parent Cara is known for her ability to manage multiple social media accounts while waiting for her children to complete one activity or another. Today she worked poolside. Tomorrow she’ll be at the baseball field or the dance studio. When she’s not begging her teenage son to clean his room or watching her tiny dancer do her 1000th turn of the day, she manages social media for numerous local brands, manages Pint-Sized NOLA  and runs Jefferson Parish Parent, THE parenting resource for parents in Jefferson Parish. She’s worked with brands like Carnival Cruise Lines,Udi’s Gluten Free, and Nuby and she’s also taught both her children to read. Still not impressed? Follow her on social media and find out more.