Getting Organized with Local Parent Network

All across the network our sites have spent the month of January writing and sharing with their readers their thoughts on the fine art of organization. Check out some of the fantastic content our sites are creating:

Jefferson Parish Parent

Shannon shares multiple ideas for dealing with your kids’ artwork.

Cara reviews eMeals a meal planning service.

photo collage

Lafayette Parent

Katy updates her readers on her attempts to get more organized with a bullet journal.

bullet journal

NOLA Parent

Ashley lists professional organizers in New Orleans.

Northshore Parent

Angel tells readers how to get their mornings off to the perfect start.

Maria shares tips on how to get organized in an affordable way.

Jillian talks about preparing for baby to arrive and the “nesting” urge expectant moms experiences.

Kaely reviews Plan to Eat meal planning software and we hosted a giveaway.

Aimee shows us how she gets her little girl’s hair bows organized with this DIY post.


Smyrna Parent

Alicia shares tips for organizing your finances.

Alicia vies some great advice on organizing a play room.


The Deal With Google Plus

The big mistake that people make with Google Plus is that they expect it to be another Facebook. Whatever their intention, I can assure you that Google Plus is NOT another Facebook, but it should be an integral part of your blogging efforts. I know. Big sigh. Another network. The good news is that Google Plus doesn’t eat up hours of your time and can be very effective in helping you gain search traffic and expand your online presence.

So if it’s not Facebook, what is it? To put it simply, Google Plus is how Google adds a human touch to search results. They know a computer with an algorithm can only do so much, and now they’re using Plus to bridge the gap between what a computer can do and what a human can.

Hopefully this description is helping you feel a little more excited about Google Plus because basically it’s your chance to show Google search just how great your content is.

Here’s the easiest breakdown I’ve heard someone give G+:

  • Submitting you post to G+ gives it a small boost in the search rankings–this is much higher is someone is connected to your page, but either way the submission is helpful.
  • If the post on G+ is given a +1 you get even more of a boost.
  • If the post on G+ is commented on the boost is even bigger.

Sounds pretty good, huh? All of this works even better if you are able to get some G+ buddies together and you can all +1, comment and re-post each other’s stories.


Truth in Advertising

One of my favorite things about running the Local Parent Network is that I am surrounded by amazing, creative women pretty much all the time. Not only are they raising families, but they’re also running small businesses that involves round-the-clock attention, excellent communication skills, and a constant need for professional education.

Could I be any luckier? Probably not.

Here’s an awesome piece written by one of our site owners, Alicia Taylor at Smyrna Parent. When I read this all I could do was thank my lucky stars that she runs a Local Parent site:

My friend shared an article today, We Need to Quit Telling Lies on Facebook. I smiled and nodded my way through it, and then I remembered the photo I took a little bit before which was just awaiting the perfect filter so it could be slapped up on Facebook.

Look! A frolicking fall day with my perfect, precocious toddler!

And I laughed.

So in the name of honesty, I’d like to share what really happened leading up to this Facebookable moment:

Want to know more? Get the whole story on Smyrna Parent–it’s a read well-worth your time.