Time Management for Site Owners

Running a website can be a lot of work. I guess I should say that running one well is a lot of work–you’re basically doing the work of an entire publication on your own: marketing, social media engagement across multiple channels, content development and creation, ad sales etc.


It can be overwhelming. To say the least.

Here are a few ideas for helping reign in the madness:

  1. First things first–I highly recommend finding one or two “real moms” who would like to help you with your site. Ideally, they would be paid a small amount per post, but if you’re not there yet there are other ways to reward contributors who help keep your site in good running order. You can offer contributors complimentary tickets you receive, let them attend special events in your stead, and allow them to attend your own events for free.
  2. Give a couple of people the keys to your FB page. These need to be people that are very trustworthy. It might be one of your writers, but it might also be another site owner. Discuss the kinds of things you want to have posted and then let them help you out! For example, if I’m shuttling my kids all around town, Cara who owns Jefferson Parish Parent knows she can put updates about the weather or traffic on my FB page. One of my writers, Aimee, has permission to post pictures when she attends events around town. You can let other people have permissions on Twitter as well, but FB is a must and it’s well set up so you can see who posted when and quickly correct any issues.
  3. Segment off parts of your job. Bonus points if it’s something you’re not particularly good at. I did this recently and have pretty much congratulated myself every day since. What I did was give one of my contributors free reign over the giveaway section of our site. Giveaways are an integral part of working with small businesses in your area and for building awareness of your own brand. I really am not good at keeping up with them though. So I asked one of my writers if she’d like to take control. As “payment” she gets to keep any review samples or extra tickets that we get as a result of working with a business. If we do a gift guide with giveaway, she gets to keep 50% of the gift guide fees. Almost immediately she had us doing a flash giveaway with a local boutique and she’s in the process of organizing a group giveaway for the end of the month. My stats are up, my engagement is up, and she’s having fun too. Win-win. You could segment off events in a similar fashion or you could try to find someone to sell ads on commission. Focus on what you do well and find someone who’s willing to do the things that you don’t do well (or just don’t have time for!)