Editing Pictures in PicMonkey



This is the PicMonkey home screen.  Click first on "edit" and select "computer."

This is the PicMonkey home screen. Click first on “edit” and select “computer.”



After your photo is opened up, you need to click on the butterfly to open up overlays. You then select a category of overlay. Geometric, banners, and ribbons are all good choices for this.



In this case I selected the square with the rounded edges.




Drag the edges of your shape until you get it to a size you want. You can change this at any time, so don’t worry about getting it perfect.



Use the color picker to select the color for your box. I find it works well to use a color that exists somewhere in the photo. In this case I matched the teal in my son’s shirt. The yellow on the bike would have worked well too.



Once you have your shape the way you want it, you click on the Tt to select a text. If you have BEBAS downloaded onto your computer then click on YOURS.



You will get a list of available font on your computer. Select BEBAS and then click the button that says “Add Text.”



Type whatever you want. You can highlight to and use the controls on the right to change the color or the size.



Use the cursor to put your text in the right position.




Now it’s time to add your watermark. Click on the butterfly again and then click on the big button that says “Your Own.”



A drop down menu will appear and you should choose “my computer.” It will open up  your files and you select your watermark. Use you cursor in the corner to make the watermark as big as you like.

When you know you are finished click “Save” at the top of the screen.

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