Local Parent Network Greets Hurricane Season

June 1st marks the beginning of hurricane season and for the creators of the Local Parent Network that’s a pretty big deal–we’re both New Orleans natives. Most of the Local Parent sites are located in coastal cities as well, so this time of year looms large. Here are some of the posts published by our network on hurricanes, evacuations, and sheltering in place:


Lessons from Katrina (published in 2013) was written by Cara, owner of Jefferson Parish Parent, who lost her home to the breach in the industrial canal.


Katy, the owner of Northshore Parent (that’s me!) shares her tips for evacuating with a special needs child.



Laurel at Jefferson Parish Parent gives tips for Hurricane Preparedness. 


Aimee describes the realities of sheltering in place with small children.



Katy (me again!) shares her favorite books about hurricanes. Books are a great way to introduce your children to difficult topics.



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