Stretch Your Facebook Ad Dollars

I’ve experimented a bit with Facebook ads and I’ve come up with what I think is a pretty effective use of my dollars. I’ll share my method here and hopefully it will help someone else.

In my experience, promoting the page itself isn’t always a great use of your dollars–people may like your page or they may not, but you have less control over what shows up in people’s streams since this method just pulls the most recent post from you page. Instead, I recommend promoting a particular post that you think is especially good. How do you know if a post is especially good? Use your stats! Look at the post you are considering promoting. What was its reach? Now see how many times that page was viewed directly. The closer those numbers are, the better chance this is a post worth promoting. No matter how great you think a post is, this number rarely lies.

The other trick is not to click the “promote post” button. Why? I have no idea, but I know that it works better if you use the “promote page” button in your Admin Panel. Once you click that button you have to look in the bottom left hand corner for the little gear symbol. Click on it. From there you should select “advanced options.”

Create your FB ad

The next page will suggest that you are looking for page likes. You aren’t! I mean, we all want likes, but this method will get you likes AND traffic–I like to get the most bang for my buck possible. To get that you need to click the button that says “back.”

Create your FB ad 2

On the next screen you want to click on “page post engagement.”

create your fb ad 3

Once you click that, you have to select your page. If you manage a lot of pages, you’ll have to type in the name of the one you want. You’ll then get a drop down menu of post choices–pick the one you want to promote.

create your fb ad 4

The next screen is a little weird–you get a couple of page options and you have to toggle from one to the other. One the right-hand side you’ll see “Right Column” with a check next to it. Click “remove.” Why? Because when’s the last time you clicked on a side-bar ad?

create your fb ad 5

Then you scroll down and select your audience. This is very important! I can’t tell you how sad I am when I see an ad in my stream for a restaurant in Lafayette. Or Jackson! Don’t waste your dollars. Under location list any cities in your area–you will have to use a drop down and take the “within 25″ to “within 10 miles.” Select 18 and over and women for our sites. Under categories, look for parents and select All.

create you fb ad 6

The last thing you do is set your budget. I never pay more than ten dollars for a Facebook ad. You’ll have to change from daily budget to lifetime budget. Watch out! When you do this FB will change the dollar about to $350.00. Adjust that and then you’re ready to buy your ad!

create you fb ad 7

In my experience, this process can drive thousands of visitors to your site. Thousands. And for a very small amount of money. I usually pick up a good number of new FB likes as well.

I hope this method works for you!

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