The Deal With Google Plus

The big mistake that people make with Google Plus is that they expect it to be another Facebook. Whatever their intention, I can assure you that Google Plus is NOT another Facebook, but it should be an integral part of your blogging efforts. I know. Big sigh. Another network. The good news is that Google Plus doesn’t eat up hours of your time and can be very effective in helping you gain search traffic and expand your online presence.

So if it’s not Facebook, what is it? To put it simply, Google Plus is how Google adds a human touch to search results. They know a computer with an algorithm can only do so much, and now they’re using Plus to bridge the gap between what a computer can do and what a human can.

Hopefully this description is helping you feel a little more excited about Google Plus because basically it’s your chance to show Google search just how great your content is.

Here’s the easiest breakdown I’ve heard someone give G+:

  • Submitting you post to G+ gives it a small boost in the search rankings–this is much higher is someone is connected to your page, but either way the submission is helpful.
  • If the post on G+ is given a +1 you get even more of a boost.
  • If the post on G+ is commented on the boost is even bigger.

Sounds pretty good, huh? All of this works even better if you are able to get some G+ buddies together and you can all +1, comment and re-post each other’s stories.


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