Truth in Advertising

One of my favorite things about running the Local Parent Network is that I am surrounded by amazing, creative women pretty much all the time. Not only are they raising families, but they’re also running small businesses that involves round-the-clock attention, excellent communication skills, and a constant need for professional education.

Could I be any luckier? Probably not.

Here’s an awesome piece written by one of our site owners, Alicia Taylor at Smyrna Parent. When I read this all I could do was thank my lucky stars that she runs a Local Parent site:

My friend shared an article today, We Need to Quit Telling Lies on Facebook. I smiled and nodded my way through it, and then I remembered the photo I took a little bit before which was just awaiting the perfect filter so it could be slapped up on Facebook.

Look! A frolicking fall day with my perfect, precocious toddler!

And I laughed.

So in the name of honesty, I’d like to share what really happened leading up to this Facebookable moment:

Want to know more? Get the whole story on Smyrna Parent–it’s a read well-worth your time.

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